Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Knife 2. Green/Brown Micarta- $200.00 (Sold)


Della said...

Love the use of the leather jacket as a backdrop. Very pretty knife and case. Is it okay to call a knife pretty, or should I choose more manly terminology?

Leila - mommyof4 said...

I like this one- I too have to agree with my newly "rollin' in the dough" sister- the leather jacket was a nice addition. You need to make sure you fill out your intntrest as knifemaking in your profile- this will bring up your site when people do a search for that... make sure you put knives, blacksmithing, knife making... etc.

Leila - mommyof4 said...

Hey Pops, DO you still have this sweet blade???

I may want to swap and trade for this piece of art???

Please note this is EC..